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Translation and localization terms: common misspellings and typos

Have you missspeeled something? Find here why your search didn't return good results

It is not uncommon to fill in the search box of your favorite search engine a mispelled word, or have your fingers slipping over the keyboard and type something that leads you to a page where you find odd results, or nothing at all. We collected from our server logs and from several other sources some misspellings and typos for translation and localization terms. Here they are:

  • localisation or localisations - this is not a real misspelling: while the most used term is localiZation (pron. /"lO-k&-l&-'zA-sh&n/), the term localiSation (pron. /"lO-k&-l&-'sA-sh&n/) is also used in American English, and is also the French translation of the term localization/s. By the way, Google returns some 630,000 results for localisation and some 31,200 results for localisations, while the more common localization gets 798,000 results and localizations gets 20,300 results.

  • localizzation or localizzations - a somewhat common misspelling of the word localization / localizations: there's only one 'z' in this word. Google returns here some 30 pages for localizzation and only a few for localizzations, one of which is the page you are reading now.

  • traslation or traslations - a very common typo or misspelling: the correct term is translation (sing., pron. /tran(t)s-'lA-sh&n/) or translations (pl., pron. /tran(t)s-'lA-sh&n's/). Missing the 'n' while typing, or just thinking that the word should be typed this way is not rare, since Google returns 5,580 pages for traslation and 1,230 for traslations.

  • tranlation or tranlations - a very common typo: the correct term is always  translation / translations, but this time you missed the 's' while typing it. You are in very good company, since more than 5,540 result pages for tranlation and more than 1,930 for tranlations are found in Google.

  • translaton or translatons - surprisingly, missing the 'i' is a common typo for the term translation / translations: 2,100 results in Google for translaton and 311 for translatons.

  • trnslation or trnslations - this is another very common typo: the correct term is always translation / translations, but you missed an 'a' while typing it. You are not alone, since Google returns more than 260 results for trnslation and more than 40 for trnslations.

  • tranalation or tranalations - this is another common typo, the correct term being always translation or translations.   Your finger probably hit the 'a' instead of the 's' on the keyboard. You can find more than 90 results in Google for tranalation and more than 15 for tranalations (including this page, of course).

  • transslation or transslations - not very common, it's a typo for  translation / translations, where you typed two 's' instead of one. Find others in Google with 59 results for transslation and more than 120 results (!) for transslations.

  • trnalation or trnalations -  Again, a typo for translation / translations. Not very common, but you can find a few result pages for trnalation and a few for trnalations, too, in Google.

  • translatior or translatiors - there are misspellings/typos for translator (sing., pron. /tran(t)s-'lA-t&r/) and translators (pl., pron. /tran(t)s-'lA-t&r's/), the person/s who translate. Dropping an 'i' there is not uncommon: notice that 213 pages are found for translatior and 40 for translatiors in Google.

  • translattor or translattors - not very common typos for translator and translators, but dropping two 't' instead of one has been considered OK in at least 6 pages for translattor and in a couple others for translattors, as you can see.

  • websight translation or websights translations - One of the most common misspellings of the word Website (pron. /'web-'sIt/), also used as Web site (two separate words). Plural is Websites (not websights) or Web sites. The huge number of result pages found in Google speaks well about how many people still misspell this word: 49,800 results for websight, 43,700 results for web sight, 6,510 results for websights, and 8,220 results for web sights !

  • webshait translation or webshaits translations - strange, but this quite uncommon misspelling of the word Website has been found in our logs more than a few times, after we noticed it used once in a message board and we included it in this page. Here we have less than 10 pages for webshait and only one (this page, a googlewhack) for webshaits in Google results.

  • globalizzation or globalizzations - Not very common as a misspelling/typo for the word globalization (sing., pron. /"glO-b&-l&-'zA-sh&n/) and globalizations (pl., pron. /"glO-b&-l&-'zA-sh&n's/). Two 'z' instead of one has been stuffed there by at least for the singular globalizzation; only one page (the one you are reading) for the plural globalizzations.

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